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"The Professional Firefighters of Arizona fully supports and endorses Robert Meza." 

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Professional Firefighters of AZ


"We fully support and endorse Robert Meza."

Dorothy Rowe


“Robert not only listened to our concerns, he listened from the heart. I’ve met a lot of leaders in my time, but few have the genuine passion for helping people that Robert has shown time and time again. He saved my job and for that I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.”

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Robert is consistently involved in not only his leadership but also campaigning for future leaders he believes in. 


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Arizona Jobs

I’ve saved thousands of jobs at local companies that would have otherwise left the Valley. As a member of the Economic Development and Jobs Creation committee, I have been fighting hard for Arizona’s recovery to be on a speedy path.

MY ON-GOING GOAL: Reinvest in our future and the next generation of future leaders. 

My highest priority, especially as a member of the Economic Development and Jobs Creation and Commerce and Energy committees, has been fighting corporate greed to ensure a strengthened middle class. I saved almost 1,000 jobs at Safelite Auto Glass that were leaving Arizona by blocking legislation that would raise the costs of doing business in the state. Through my legislation, such as SB 1403 that offer tax credits for Arizona companies that invest in clean, renewable technologies, I have fought hard to keep companies employing in Arizona.

Having stood against short-sighted legislation such as selling the Capitol to help solve the deficit, I stand for common sense spending and investments such as our infrastructure and schools. These are the ultimate investments in our future, but unfortunately due to the long-term of these investments, some do not see them as viable. Our schools have fallen further and further behind in both funding and test scores, with some schools not even having necessary funding for paper, which only leads to less high-wage jobs being available. By correcting the spending at the state level, we can help lead Arizona out of this recession.

Through my efforts in creating a renewable energy capital in Arizona, we are on a path to becoming the global leader in solar energy. As a member of the Commerce and Energy committee, I recognize that one of Arizona’s greatest natural resources is our near year-round direct access to the sun as well as our vast amounts of land. Utilizing our resources through key investments and efforts in solar energy, Arizona can become the global leader in solar energy within the decade, bringing countless new jobs in a high-technology field to the Valley, and taking the first step on a journey to a sustainable Arizona.


The youth are the future of this state; they will determine the economic strategy for the upcoming years, the outcome in our struggle for jobs, and Arizona’s ability to compete with other economies around the world. Taking responsibility for the education system requires a commitment to quality education for all students at every level. These results can only be obtained if our youth stop being neglected. The schools are underfunded, and consistently have programs and other means of support cut.

How are we supposed to provide the best for our youth, for our futures, when we are diminishing their access to knowledge? My work with Augila, a college access program for youth, which provides a support system that contributes to academic, personal and professional success, has given me several insights into our education systems. A stronger and varying academic base, as well as increased focus on education is what will drive our education systems to the top.

Students need to be given a variety of subjects to best explore and utilize their talents. A stronger support system for STEM education initiatives is essential in ensuring that our youth, and thus Arizona, are prepared to compete at an international level. STEM jobs create thriving economies, with not only job availability but also job security; this must be the priority in our schools.

Yet we must also be aware that a full genre of subjects must be available, and it is in the exploration of subjects that a true student is born. So many children are introduced to an arts or physical education program, and it is this that sparks interest in school, creates discipline and inspiration. The value of art and physical education programs in schools is priceless, and their importance should not be overlooked, but more readily incorporated into the education systems. This will lead Arizona school systems to become more well rounded, with higher standards and higher quality education.

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